Tori is a sweet and loving bird who saw his last mom through breast cancer, chemotherapy, and some scary times. He isn’t able to be with her anymore and has had time to mourn the loss. He wants a companion to bond with again that is most likely a female. Tori would like someone who understands his nature of being territorial over his companion and friends. He is a great bird that would like to grow old in his last home.

Mr. Molly

Mr. Molly is a sweet bird who spent about 30 years with his mom before she had to go to a home to receive care for her Parkinson’s. It was hard on Mr. Molly because so much had to change. He was eating black oil sunflower seeds (the bag said “Critter Food”) and he was in a cage without toys, enrichment, or proper perches. He was located in the laundry room without proper lighting, air ventilation, and human connection. We rocked his world. Even though they are good changes, they are still stressful especially without your family. Mr. Molly is suffering the ramifications of that life with advanced atherosclerosis and possible beak cancer. We could put him through the biopsy but if we find out, there is nothing we can do. So we are taking an approach with our avian vet to ensure he is as comfortable and pain-free as...

Giacomo Bob

Giacomo Bob had a dad that loved him very much. His dad died. Giacomo missed his dad very much and for a long time. He is ready to meet another gentleman who will be best buddies with him. He is fine hanging out, singing songs from the Sound of Music, mocking my sneezes, and just being a cute guy. Very unassuming and pretty darned special. He will make anyone an engaging companion.


Jerry is a friend to Bleu. Jerry was obtained on a whim and started off as Jenny. Jerry was quite young when he came in but was not interested in meeting people but was interested in other lovebirds. So we introduced him to Bleu to see how the boys would do. Bleu was quick to take Jerry under his wing and hang out with him. Jerry is a lovely lovebird who is very shy. A bit nervous, we are careful when we are cleaning his cage and switching out toys. Send Jerry a gift from his Amazon Wishlist to brighten his day!

Jelly Bean

She is a shy G2 who has been in a previous rescue for a long time. She will make friends with the right person who has patience, love, and a desire for a loving companion. She is a feather shredder which isn’t usual. She takes off the top layer of her feathers and leaves the down. Her past, age, friends, and family are all unknown to us but we know that she has become more comfortable with meeting new people to begin anew. Send her a thoughtful gift via her Amazon Wishlist.


Ibby lost her mom to a car crash, then lost her mom’s best friend’s foster home, then lost her young mate. She has dealt with loss in her life. She experiences life not with sadness but with interest, curiosity, touch, flight, and play. She is not like any parrot you have encountered. Ibby is a kind and sweet bird and generous with her affection.


A gentle, loving little girl who wants a companion to love, cherish, and call her own. She trains really well and we are careful not to spoil her. She will make a great companion to someone who understands that conures have a mind and will of their own with territorial tendencies. They need to fly off energy, not be given high-energy foods, keep to pellets, train, train, train, and love.


Our floof of zebra finches are our hospice kids. They came in from a bad hoarding, overcrowded, and rampant breeding situation. That means they all suffer from tumors, cysts, growths, etc. Our vet says they are in no pain that she can detect so we are letting them live together as hospice patients naturally and without stress as can be possible. Send them a little something to keep their enclosure fun and inviting to play, comfort, and rest.


Gabby is our resident Goffin’s rescued in 2003. She nearly died of the complications of self-mutilation she endured due to pain of body and spirit. She watched all the kids grow up and leave home, and then the parents started to travel and leave her behind. No one really understood what that was doing to a flock being as loving as Gabby. She has become my best mate. She also helps other G2s adjust and she teaches them how to eat pellets and chop. She is one of our gentlest birds ever. One day you might meet her when we are out and about.