Get Involved

Become part of a long-term solution. Join us in our efforts to find our feathered friends a balanced life and long term home. Together, we can create lasting, sustainable support for these magnificent creatures. You can help in three ways:


Give your time with Papayago, and make a tangible difference in a bird’s life. Don’t worry if you have never handled a bird before. We’ll teach you what you need to know.


We need your parrot experience to partner with PRH to help a bird overcome stress, medical issue(s), social fear, or a concerning behavior. We will discuss an action plan and measure progress based on the action plan to ensure we are being successful. You get to be a very important hero in a bird’s life that needs help adjusting, learning, retraining, or overcoming. If you have species specific knowledge, we can put it to supportive use and we will share ours.


From fresh food to vet bills to hand-assembled toys, every little bit you give helps us to ensure these feathered sweethearts are kept happy and healthy until we can find them their new families.