Maintaining the health and well-being of your parrot will not be the easiest thing you will ever do. Their expenses will add up, no matter what you have going on. To that end, we seek to help you keep your bird by offering support programs. Send a letter of need and location to


Low Income

We understand that buying pellets during times of economic stress can be difficult. We offer the Parrot Pantry 1.0 to help serve your parrot nutritious meals without having to resort to feeding cheap seed meals that endanger their overall health. Send a letter of need, the number of birds, and food type to

Hardship Fostering

Needing to have your bird(s) fostered due to life-changing events such as military deployment, divorce, loss of home, illness, or college? We want to help you and your bird(s) stay together until such time as you can reunite your family. It will be stressful for you and your bird(s) but we will be here to help you both get through it. Space is limited. Let’s discuss how we can help. Send a letter of need to


We are currently working on a project called “Getting birds home”. We will be seeking funding to help us get this effort moving across all of Georgia. However, if you want to nanochip your birds to help increase the odds of them getting back home, please contact with your request. Thank you.


We love to share information on parrots in captivity and how to take care of them using the latest information, tools, and guidance. If you would like us to come to speak to your group or class, please send a request outlining the date, time, and targeted area of interest, if you have one, to