We want to help the senior members of our community keep their birds as long as it works for both of them. Sometimes they need our help with veterinary, cage cleaning, upgrades to avoid dangerous metal toxicity, or food.  We would like to help.

  •  Veterinary or Grooming Services
  •  Bird Pellets/Food
  •  Cage Cleaning
  •  Cage and Enrichments

When you are facing a family crisis with your parrot, it is difficult to continue to provide them the high quality fresh food and pellets they are accustomed to.  We want to help you maintain your parrot with the FPB opportunity.

If you need to have your bird(s) fostered due to life-changing events such as military deployment, divorce, loss of home, illness, or college? We want to help you and your bird(s) stay together until such time as you can reunite your family. It will be stressful for you and your bird(s) but we will be here to help you both get through it. Space is limited. Let’s discuss how we can help.

We love to share information on parrots in captivity and how to take care of them using the latest information, tools, and guidance. If you would like us to come to speak to your group or class submit a services request.

Experiencing the death, forced separation, or a missing beloved companion animal, can be an incredibly challenging and devastating experience. Our aim is to create a support group that offers a safe and supportive space for those who are grieving, without any judgemental, critical, or diminishing responses. Our role is to listen, share, and provide comfort, as we understand the pain of losing a loved one. Please note that while we are not psychologists, we are here as friends to offer our support. Join us on our Zoom call on the 15th of every month at 7 pm EST by RSVPing via Services@Papayagorescuehouse.org

Are you considering adopting a parrot as your new feathered friend? Parrots make wonderful companions, but they also have unique needs and require dedicated care. To help prospective parrot parents prepare for this exciting journey, Papayago Rescue House (PRH) is delighted to offer a series of informative classes on parrot care and adoption.

Why Parrot Adoption Classes?

Adopting a parrot is a long-term commitment that can span several decades. To ensure both you and your feathered friend have a happy and healthy life together, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of parrot parentship. PRH recognizes the significance of proper parrot care and wants to equip potential parrot parents with the knowledge and skills needed to provide the best possible life for their avian companions.

Some Classes Cover:

  1. Parrot Species Overview: Learn about the diverse world of parrot species, their unique characteristics, and which one might be the perfect match for you. No cost
  2. Parrot Diet and Nutrition: Understand the dietary needs of parrots, including fresh foods, balanced pellets, and the importance of providing clean water. Low cost
  3. Cage and Environment Setup: Discover how to create a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for your parrot. No cost
  4. Health and Wellness: Gain insights into common parrot health issues, signs of illness, and preventive care. Low cost
  5. Socialization and Training: Learn how to build a strong bond with your parrot and train them using positive reinforcement techniques. Low cost
  6. Behavior and Communication: Understand parrot body language and vocalizations to better interpret your feathered friend’s needs and feelings. Low cost
  7. Adoption Process: Explore the steps involved in adopting a parrot, from initial contact to bringing your new companion home. No cost
  8. Rescue and Adoption Ethics: PRH emphasizes the importance of adopting from reputable sources and supporting ethical parrot rescue and adoption organizations. No cost
  9. Practical Tips: Get practical advice on toys, perches, and other accessories that will enrich your parrot’s life. No cost

Some classes will be offered in-person and some online to accommodate various learning preferences and locations. Instructors will include experienced parrot caregivers and experts in avian care.

Check our webstore for class dates and registration details and take the first step toward providing an informed and educated home for a parrot in need.