About Us

Our History

Papapayago Rescue House, Inc. was founded Jan 1, 2015 as a 501(c)(3), yet it has been in the making for the past 55 years.

Maria Sullivan, Cofounder and CEO, grew up in California with an emphasis on natural foods and botanical healing for animals and people; and above all, responsibility and respect for all living things. Maria has kept her native teachings alive and active while learning new skills, adapting to new concepts and combining them for well-rounded stewardship of animals specifically parrots.

Brianna Stoddard, Cofounder and Executive Director grew up with all kinds of animals, but parrots figured predominantly in her growing up as a caregiver. Brianna is pursuing her degree as a veterinarian with a concentration in avian medicine.  We have shared the joys of living in harmony and balance with each other and our animals.

With our Board of Directors, Volunteers, Adopters, and Supporters, we are Papayago Rescue House.

Our Mission

Papayago Rescue House exists as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), Georgia Department of Agriculture inspected rescue, to support the wellbeing and maintenance of parrots through rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming.  To better serve parrots in our community, PRH works to increase knowledge of parrots within the community, provide mentoring and training to cope with parrot ownership to lessen the need for families to give up their birds to other community facilities not equipped to handle bird requirements and behavior.  To improve the care of parrots through education of newer information and strategies to decrease parrot homelessness, abuse, or neglect. .

The Pledge

We at Papayago Rescue House pledge as an organization to support the quality of life for parrots by living by our own words:

“I will care for all the birds that come my way with all the knowledge I have, will have or can gain from those who have come by their knowledge through service to birds.

I will learn for all the birds that come my way all that I may to improve their circumstances or do no harm.

I will have respect for all the birds that come my way as living, sentient beings capable of fear, suffering, love, trust, joy and contribution.

I will prevent ailing whenever I can for all the birds that come my way through prevention, education, knowledge, compassion and steadfast stewardship.

I will protect all the birds that come my way through strength of character, resisting apathy, standing against cruelty.

In living this pledge, may I also have protection, respect, compassion, strength, and improved life contributions and circumstances.”