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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Papayago Rescue House is to support the well-being and maintenance of parrots in our community through rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming. We provide mentoring, training, and support to parrot owners, promoting successful family bonding and decreasing surrenders. We provide a rescue environment specifically adapted for parrots, decreasing the need for birds to be placed at facilities not equipped to handle bird requirements and behavior. Our work with birds and bird owners helps us to decrease the problems of parrot homelessness, abuse, or neglect as well through minimizing the release of unwanted parrots into the local environment, with their unknown impact on native birds and habitats, reducing the economic impact of these birds on local government entities. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture-inspected rescue.

Our Vision

Papayago Rescue House envisions a future where:
  1. Papayago is a sought-after partner for Georgia’s captive parrot education, support, and guidance.
  2. Parrots are housed in a manner that allows them the 5 freedoms.
  3. Laws and legislation that support the advocacy and care of captive parrots are well-defined.
  4. People have the knowledge and the community support to ensure no parrots are abused, neglected, or homeless.

Our Values


We believe education is the solution to many challenges to parrot welfare.


We offer compassion in word and deed to those struggling with feathered family members.


We foster community in spirit, action, thought, and deed.


We offer outreach to underserved communities, including children, seniors, and displaced families with parrots.

Our Pledge

We at Papayago Rescue House pledge as an organization to support the quality of life for captive parrots by living by our own words:

“I will care for all the captive parrots that come my way with all the knowledge I have, will have, or can gain from those who have come by their knowledge through service to captive parrots.

I will learn for all the captive parrots that come my way all that I can, so I may improve their circumstances or do no harm.

I will have respect for all the captive parrots that come my way as living, sentient beings capable of fear, suffering, love, trust, joy, and contribution.

I will prevent ailing whenever I can for all the captive parrots that come my way through education, knowledge, compassion, and steadfast stewardship.

I will protect all the captive parrots that come my way through strength of character, resisting apathy, and standing firm against cruelty and neglect.

In living this pledge, may I also have protection, respect, compassion, strength, and improved life contributions and circumstances.”

Our Achievement