Kiya lost her mom years ago in an accident. She was being sold at a bird fair by an older man who went around “adopting” people’s birds and then selling them. Kiya was part of a high-dollar trend of people who flip animals for profit. She was so scared and traumatized. She does not enjoy men and prefers old women with gray or light-colored hair. She is a loving, affectionate bird that is going through some changes of life that include being on heart medication for her heart arrhythmia.

Cloe (Clobird)

Cloe came to us from her veterinarian. She is such a sweet bird. She does have FDB which is common for female CAGs (Congo African Greys). She is a good eater, bright, interested, fun, and has a playful side. She will make a fine companion.


Patchouli is approximately 32 years old. We don’t know when she was last in a home environment. She was in a rescue and a store. She is an ex breeder from what we were told. However, she doesn’t appear to behave as an ex breeder in that she doesn’t have issues with having relationships with people, she doesn’t show signs of cage protection, and she hasn’t laid any eggs since being with us. She shows normal signs of being a female G2 cockatoo with previous issues with hormonal plucking. She will want a friendship that she doesn’t have to share with another bird we believe. She loves to be read to, lap sit, and watch tv.


We met Lizzo outside, sitting on top of a cage, out in the country. He was very vocal, excited over having company and was very willing to start a new adventure. He has been such a pleasure to work with. He is interested in whatever you are doing, he wants to be included, loved, and given some love. He can easily become someone’s best friend. He is very observant and responsive to your moods. He seems to prefer women but he doesn’t hate men. We don’t know how old he is but he is a middle-aged bird in good health. Oh, and he has the largest crest of all the cockatoos we have. It is a thing of beauty.


Phantom came to us 5 years ago due to his Dad having to be taken to emergency. The hotel called us and asked us if we would come and pick up 20-year-old Phantom. We have held him as a hardship boarder for all these years hoping he and Dad could be reunited. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen. Phantom is looking for a new Dad to spend time watching TV, doing dishes, preparing food, hanging out, and being best buds with.


Papaya was bought at a bird fair for a child. As most children do, that child grew up and went away. Papaya is only 13 years old and looking to be in a home that will commit to her. She hasn’t been worked with much for a while so she will want someone prepared to earn her trust.


We received a call from a concerned neighbor right before Christmas that several animals were abandoned in a house and had been there for some time.  One of them was a little cockatiel.  We went and picked up Victor.  We named him Victor because he had been victorious in surviving not only the abandonment but also his parakeet-sized cage and seed diet. He came in with lumps and bumps but the one on his wing looked serious. After visiting our vet, Dr. Julia Hill, DVM of For Pet’s Sake, he required wing amputation. He handled that very well and is eating pellet and sometimes fresh food. He is now working on making friends with people. Do you have room in your home and heart for Victor, the amputee? He won’t want to be part of a home that is extremely noisy and loud. Loving him will be easy.


Kojak is a stunning SC. He has been in one home with a menagerie of other birds of whom he did not participate with. He is a mature bird that just wants to hang out and watch tv or in front of a window.

Kiaya Grey

Kiaya lost his home due to a new job, relocation, and a change to an apartment. Kiaya seems to be responsive to men but may be open to some women. He really needs a good friend. He deserves someone who is interested in developing a trusted relationship with him to open up to his own life joy.