Eric The Great

Eric was a found cockatiel not able to “escape” very well due to his distended crop. We took him to the vet and found out that he has AGY. Avian gastric yeast infection is a bird disease caused by a yeast, Macrorhabdus sp, that causes gastrointestinal problems. Since AGY is contagious, we took him off campus into foster care. He needs to be in a home without any other birds. This condition will never go away just be managed. He isn’t sickly or to be pitied. He has soft poop as a result. He is just as gentle as can be and he is always aware of his environment. He loves to whistle and sit with you for some head scritches, watching tv, hanging out. He has the best temperament and floofen chops! You will be delighted with him as your companion.


A whole lota bird! Dundee is 25 years young with a playful spirit and desire to bond with a companion. His mom and he were close. She got sick and went into hospice so he has been mourning the loss of her for a year now. He is ready to meet a new companion. He seems to enjoy women but we don’t apply hard rules to parrot’s choices unless we know absolutely that they are fearful of males/females. He does like to train and impress. He comes with a 48inch wide play top cage. He also likes to be read to so send him a soft book from his Amazon Wishlist.


A mature and mellow B&G who will yell at the other birds to be quiet. He helps a new macaw settle into the routine and helps lead flock behavior. He really loves one-on-one attention, stand time, and fresh foods. He shows typical B&G macaw behaviors so we use him a lot for training. We call him curmudgeonly but he just likes things done right and well. Send him a little something something from his Amazon Wishlist so he has something new to work over.


His mother died shortly after hatching the eggs and they were not doing well with dad, Devito. Davey came to us with his other 3 flock mates. Davey is a very curious lovebird full of “busy” and plays with his toys and siblings. The siblings live together in a large cage so they continue to have companionship. They have not been hand-tamed.


Bleu is a special lovebird. He lives with Jerry, his roommate of several years now. They get on very well because Bleu takes care of little Jerry. Bleu was adopted but then he was changed over to seed. That caused him to have medical issues so he was returned to the rescue. He lives in comfort with his friend. We hope to put him in a lovebird enclosure to ramp up flight activity once we get one.


She was surrendered to us rather than the expense of euthanasia. She hatched in a home aviary with overcrowding, seed diet, lack of fresh food, improper breeding oversight and care and you get a cute little parakeet with deformities. Her little feet are upside down. We ensured that she would have quality of life with friends (check), flock (check), flight (check), and no pain (check). So she lives in the Parakeet Paradise enclosure with her flock that treats her very well. She will not live as long as the others perhaps but she is living more than most parakeets with no handicaps do. Send her a little something so we can make minor accommodations for her to eat, drink, and perch with friends.


Sugarbird was rescued in the early 2000s from a home where everyone was so afraid of him. He kept trying to get out of his cage because it was a 24-inch wide cage. He was frustrated, had pent-up energy not being spent, had inexperienced owners, not eating an ideal diet. We took him out of that situation and helped him heal emotionally, mentally, and physically. He now helps other birds feel comfortable in the rescue environment. He is a great friend to the Executive Director.


Stevie is an amazing, independent, intelligent, engaging 30-year-old male medium sulfur-crested cockatoo with personality and is looking for a wonderful new home where he can pick the person to love and groom him. He seems to prefer females, but would probably adjust to a man of his choosing. He’s a picky fellow when it comes to his companion. Stevie spent the first part of his life as the personal greeter in a local veterinarian’s office. So he loves being around people, but he definitely picks the ones he allows to interact with him. But he politely allows others to clean his cage and even “helps” those whom he likes. He alternates between referring to himself as Stevie or Boo-Boo, a nickname he obtained due to his young age upon arriving at the vet’s office.


Quite the talker Piper is. He has something to say in a very interesting way. He has been in rescue for a while before coming to PRH. We believe in him. That is why he is still in rehabilitation because he really likes people. So we have to get better with training to do better by him. We just want to give him options. Support Piper as he continues on his journey of learning how to say “no”.