Surrender your parrot

PRH has an open admission philosophy, which means we accept every bird regardless of health (barring certain flock-endangering diseases), age, species or behavior that is surrendered to us. Let’s work together to ensure the best possible solution for you and your bird. We may be able to help you keep your bird at home or there may be alternative re-homing options available to you.

Only begin the process of surrendering your bird to PRH if alternative resources don’t address the circumstances you are experiencing with your bird. To surrender, set up an appointment with us by contacting our surrenders team. Complete and send the surrender form along with a couple of pictures of your bird and your bird’s cage to our surrender team. Please forward or bring any veterinary records with you as well.

PRH Surrender Agreement

Found a stray parrot?

It’s not often that this happens, but here’s what to do if you find a stray:

Call your local animal control facility to see if a report was filed matching the description of the animal in your care.

Check to see if its owner has filed a lost pet report on any local lost pet forums or places like Craigslist. Then reach out to or go to Facebook 911 Parrot Alert (Official) to describe the found bird.

If no report is found and/or you wish to bring the bird to PRH please contact our surrenders team. Our staff will explain the process and find a date and time for you to bring the bird in.

When you arrive at PRH, we will gather information about him/her and its circumstances and give the bird an initial evaluation for quarantine purposes.

The bird will then be held in quarantine for the state-mandated five days to provide its owner time to locate it. Our staff will search online and call around as well to help facilitate its return home. If the owner does not come forward and it is a candidate for placement, we will proceed with finding it a new home after a 30 day quarantine has passed.

Stray birds that are friendly and would do well in a home are made available for adoption or placed in our adoption preparation programs.