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Taking your parrot to an avian-experienced or board-certified avian vet is crucial for several reasons. These specialists have specific training and expertise in treating birds, which is essential for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. Parrots have unique anatomies, physiologies, and behaviors that differ from other mammal or reptile pets, and a specialized vet is better equipped to understand and address these intricacies. They are also familiar with common avian diseases and can provide preventive care to keep your feathered family member healthy. Overall, choosing the right vet ensures that your parrot receives the best possible care tailored to their specific needs.  Know that no vet can determine with 100% accuracy that your bird is healthy without drawing blood, doing radiographs, and a full body exam.  Ask for at least a CBC with Bile Acids every year to catch any issues early. 

Georgia currently does not have a practicing board-certified Avian vet in the state. We see a “bird experienced” vet at For Pet’s Sake named Dr. Julia Hill, DVM. She is our active veterinarian working with our board-certified vet Dr. Jennifer Graham, ABVP at Huntsville Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in Huntsville, AL. We will also see Dr. Burchfield at For Pet’s Sake as well. We interview, check on continuing education credits in avian medicine, and watch how they perform avian checkups in order to determine if we will continue to see a veterinarian for our birds.

We check frequently here for a vet with the credentials of ABVP (Avian Practice).

AAV is an excellent resource for broadening your education about caring for your parrot(s).  They have great information in multiple languages here.


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