For Immediate Release

Atlanta’s Only Active Parrot Rescue Flies Coop!

Papayago Rescue House, Inc.
3778 Canton Road
Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30066

Janelle Kovner
Chief Communications Officer

As of July 14, 2019, Papayago Rescue House, Inc. of 3290 Lark Haven Drive NW, Kennesaw,
GA 30152 of Cobb County has flown the coop! Formed January 1, 2015, as a 501(c)(3),
Papayago Rescue House, Inc. was a home-based parrot rescue for the Atlanta area. They have
grown in reputation to have parrots come to them from all over the state of Georgia. Parrots are
surrendered due to illness, death, divorce, or change in circumstances. When birds are not
accepted at the shelters or rescues, they are often set free, many to their demise, or are
euthanized. They need a soft place to land where there is safety, fresh food, pellets, vetting,
retraining, and friendship.

Papayago Rescue House, Atlanta’s only active parrot rescue has a new nest at 3778 Canton
Road, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30066. Our new location will make it easier for adopters or foster
families to meet birds and make life long connections. “They provide education and support
from pre-adoption to post-adoption and are the best source for answers when I have questions.“
said a recent adopter. This is a common theme with the rescue. “Education and support for
parrots that have a 5-year-old intelligence level with 2-year-old emotional responses plus live 60
to 80 years on average, and you are going to need both education and support,” said the CEO
and Co-founder Maria Sullivan. “It’s like raising Kindergartners that can never leave home!”
states Brianna Stoddard, Executive Director, and Co-founder. The board of directors,
volunteers, and foster families tend to the short and long term needs that are unique to parrots.
Papayago Rescue House, Inc’s family of dedicated, caring and highly knowledgeable parrot
lovers will help you select toys, food, nuts, and cages appropriate for your birds as well as
answer any questions you may have.

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