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In 2018, we received a call one day that stated “come and get this bird or we are leaving it on the side of the road!” CoCo’s parents had been evicted from their home and they were headed out without her. Volunteers tag teamed to go and retrieve her to safety at the rescue in a picnic basket that she couldn’t stand up in. Which wouldn’t have helped her anyway as she was unable to stand up straight due to her feet. They had been broken awhile ago. The previous owner did state she came from an abusive home where they broke her feet so she wouldn’t keep getting down off her perch. We don’t know her age but we do know that she is a young female. Radiographs show evidence of great vessel mineralization; DJD at multiple joint spaces; fracture of ventral aspect of proximal phalanx, major digit on left wing with associated swelling; ventral aspect of keel missing secondary to chronic mutilation with no evidence of active osteomyelitis; maxilla has boney remodeling in association with previous injury but no evidence of active disease; some parabronchial thickening is evident. She is on medication for heart and pain, and on supplements chondroitin glucosamine, Cosequin, and Milk Thistle. She needs our continued watch and support for minute changes. Won’t you send her a chewing toy to help redirect attention to something fun? Check out her Amazon Wishlist!


  • Characteristics A queen who owns everyone at PRH
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  • Status Medical Sanctuary

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