Adoption Form

Terms of the Adoption Application

Thank you for expressing interest in adopting a bird from Papayago Rescue House, Inc. The review process can take 7 to 10 business days depending on the amount of applications in the queue. Please be sure that it is completed. Our adoption procedures are designed to be in the bird’s best interest first and foremost, but we want you both to be happy.

When adopting a bird from Papayago Rescue House, Inc., please understand that you are accepting the responsibility and honor for building and maintaining a trusted relationship with a companion bird that is in need of a nurturing, lovingly committed and safe environment that may or may not have received such treatment prior. This is a lifetime commitment for you and your family. Since parrots have life spans that equal our own, we hope for you and your prospective bird to be together for many years to come.

All adoption requests must be made by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. No “gifting” of a rescue will be considered.

When you visit PRH, please observe all rules for your safety as well as the birds. Please do not visit a pet store, another rescue, or zoo 24 hours prior to coming to PRH. The following application has been designed to aid both you and us in determining whether you and your family can provide a suitable environment for parrots in accordance with our policies. Please answer all questions and explain any answers or add comments. If a question does not apply, write “N/A”.

When you adopt a bird from Papayago Rescue House, Inc., you will be required to contact us within 48 hours of settling in with your new family member. We ask that you request access to our FB PRH Completed Adoptions to post updates on your adopted parrot.

By signing this Confidential Bird Adoption Application you swear the information given is true and accurate.

Please be aware that if you decide that you are no longer able to provide for your adopted bird, the bird MUST be returned to Papayago Rescue House, Inc.