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My life has not been easy, but I have remained loving and sweet despite my rough beginnings. I have been in at least 4 homes and 2 parrot rescues. In one of my homes, my beak was badly punctured by another bird and I had to be hand-fed soft foods until it grew back out, causing my beak to need minor shaping several times a year. But most folks would never notice it. Due to my losses of homes and insecurities, I began taking my fears out on myself by barbering my feathers. I will probably never be fully feathered, but I am mostly fluffy. I am a small girl but very sweet and I can be loud when I want attention. I am still a bit needy for affection, but having my own family can certainly change that. I am well-socialized and love to go places. Some of my favorite things are: hanging out with my people, helping with the dishes, and getting kisses. I look forward to having a family I can call mine once again. I prefer not to be home with no other birds, cats, overactive dogs, or young kids.


  • Characteristics Interested, Engaged, Playful, Ready to travel, Busy
  • Size M
  • Good in a home with Adults, teenagers, no dogs, cats, or other birds
  • Status Ready for Adoption

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