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Yes, Alice is a male, his original owner didn’t know but he loves his name so we couldn’t change it, thus “Cooper” was added to his name. He is a real character and can be quite the conversationalist, mostly in cockatoo with some English phrases thrown in.  You can often hear him say, “shower, shower” or “Alice is a pretty bird”, “Alice is a good bird”, “I love you”, “and then”, and much more.  He loves to make up his own songs and gives new meaning to “singing in the shower”. Although not animated in the shower, he loves to share a shower from his perch with his person. Alice is fully flighted but prefers to walk/run around on the floor.  He is like a little puppy following you around. Alice is mostly self-entertaining but also loves interaction with his people. Like most M2s, he prefers his way and can give a nip if pushed to do something he doesn’t want to do. He is a very animated fellow when telling his “stories” which can be quite lengthy. Alice was once fully feathered, but due to losing his previous home, shuffled around in multiple homes and several rescues, he began plucking his feathers. He is now as fluffy as he will ever be, but his beauty goes way beyond looks.

He has no interest in other birds although he has lived among others for many years. In one of his homes, he was harassed by the other birds, so he is somewhat afraid of other birds large or small.


  • Characteristics Friendly, Affectionate, Active, Vocal, Playful
  • Size L
  • Good in a home with Adults, older teenagers, no cats or ferrets
  • Status Ready for Adoption

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