Eric The Great





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Eric was a found cockatiel not able to “escape” very well due to his distended crop. We took him to the vet and found out that he has AGY. Avian gastric yeast infection is a bird disease caused by a yeast, Macrorhabdus sp, that causes gastrointestinal problems. Since AGY is contagious, we took him off campus into foster care. He needs to be in a home without any other birds. This condition will never go away just be managed. He isn’t sickly or to be pitied. He has soft poop as a result. He is just as gentle as can be and he is always aware of his environment. He loves to whistle and sit with you for some head scritches, watching tv, hanging out. He has the best temperament and floofen chops! You will be delighted with him as your companion.


  • Characteristics Friendly, Affectionate, Loving, Engaged, Interested
  • Size S
  • Good in a home with Adults, children above 10 years old, no cats, dogs, or ferrets, and no other birds
  • Status Ready for Adoption

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