Bird Grooming

Requirements are that your bird has been seen by a veterinarian in the past year. If your bird requires a wing trim, we will use the “skinny” method only. Please ensure your bird is healthy prior to appointment. Nail Trims Beak Trims Wing Trims Baths We will do weight checks and nare clean out with saline with every service.


Boarding can be a stressful event for your bird(s). We understand and work to make them as comfortable as possible. We have arranged for the boarding area to be quiet and low stress that is warm, has relaxing music, night lights, and someone to read to them. We serve them the same food and snacks to ensure no disruption in their dietary needs. They are in good hands here at PRH. See for yourself via a camera to see your bird during boarding! Boarding is limited so make arrangements early. We require that your bird come with a certificate of good health and has been tested for Chlamydiosis for the safety of all. Weekend Getaways Weekly Boarding Staycations

We provide grooming services to keep your bird happy and healthy.

Nail trims

Wing trims


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