Adoption Classes

Parrot adoption class for soon-to-be or possible adopters.  This class is free and open to Georgia residents at this time.



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Throughout this class, we’ll delve into the experience of parrot adoption, exploring the various species, their unique traits, and the responsibilities that come with providing a nurturing environment. From the majestic macaws to the charming cockatiels, each parrot species brings its own set of quirks and needs, enriching our lives in countless ways.

We’ll learn about the vital elements of parrot care—nutrition, mental stimulation, and creating an enriching environment. Understanding their vocalizations, body language, and individual preferences will be key to building a harmonious relationship with these intelligent and social beings.

Moreover, we’ll explore the significance of patience, empathy, and the bond that blossoms between a parrot and their adoptive family. Through interactive conversations and hands-on experiences, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of these loving birds, preparing each participant to become an educated, knowledgeable, and loving parrot guardian.