Maria Sullivan, CEO

Maria is not a writer; she is a true parrot advocate. Her passion for these colorful and charismatic birds knows no bounds, and it shines through every word she speaks or writes. With years of experience in parrot care, research, and advocacy, Maria is your trusted guide into the fascinating world of parrots.

But it’s not just expertise that sets Maria apart; it’s her genuine love for these intelligent and playful creatures. Her commitment to spreading awareness about the importance of responsible ownership is evident in every article she writes, bird she rehabilitates, rescues, or helps.

Whether you’re a seasoned parrot owner, a newbie looking to bring a feathered friend into your life, or simply a parrot friend, Maria’s articles have something for everyone. From in-depth care guides to heartwarming parrot stories and the latest in parrot research, she covers it all with passion and precision with a story to tell.

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