Boarding can be a stressful event for your bird(s). We understand and work to make them as comfortable as possible. We have arranged for the boarding area to be quiet and low stress that is warm, has relaxing music, night lights, and someone to read to them or they can watch cartoons. We serve them the same food and snacks to ensure no disruption in their dietary needs. They are in good hands here at PRH.  Boarding is limited so make arrangements early.

We require that your bird come with a certificate of good health and has been tested for PBFD and Chlamydiosis for the safety of all.

For more information, contact us any time at 678.346.5217.

“They are really really awesome! They watch my two parakeets for me, give them treats,and sent me pictures of the keets. It’s a really nice quiet environment which my parakeets love.”
– Sharail

Spring/Summer Daycare

Bring your parrot to PRH daycare for a day in the sun or light summer rains, squawking their hearts out! Sign them up for once a week, a couple of times a week, to 5 days a week, it’s up to you. PRH daycare allows you to drop off your bird for a day with their birdy friends while you go to work, shopping, or have company over. No need to feel guilty because it enables us to get to know your bird so we can be there in an emergency and you know you have experienced bird partners you can call anytime. Let us know if they need a clip and a trim and we will take care of it for you.  This service is limited so sign up early.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 678.346.5217 to discuss you and your bird’s needs.

Parrot has a birdbath

Hardship Fostering

Needing to have your birds fostered due to life changing events such as military deployment, divorce, loss of home, illness or college? We want to help you and your bird(s) stay together so we have a program that helps you get through the event knowing your bird(s) are well taken care of until such time you can reunite your family. It will be stressful for you and your bird(s) but we will be here to help you both get through it. Let’s discuss how we can help.

For more information, contact us any time at 678.346.5217.



All birds should have regular access to bathing opportunities. Choose a shallow and open bird bathing pan, such as a potted plant saucer, to allow your bird to bathe without hindrance and always under supervision.

For birds with skin conditions or heavy dander, such as Cockatoos, Cockatiels and African Greys, we provide specialized baths. To set up an appointment, please call for details.

Nail Clipping

We suggest regular nail clippings for your bird to prevent snagging, injuries or even death. This practice also makes it easier on your skin when you’re spending quality time with your bird.

We offer nail clipping at our location or in the home. To set up an appointment, please call for details.

Wing Trims

Wing trims are necessary for more social birds coming out of their cages on a regular basis. When bringing a new parrot home, it is advisable to trim their wings for their safety as well as the safety of your other birds. Smaller and less social birds who do not leave their cages often, such as finches, do not need wing trims. In fact, it is healthier to keep them fully flighted inside their cage or aviary. This gives the small bird free movement within their cages as well as building muscle, strength and coordination.

For those who do not wish to trim their bird’s wings, we recommend flight and harness training.

We offer wing trimming at our location or in the home. To set up an appointment, please call for details.

Cage Cleaning

Cage cleaning is an important part of your bird’s grooming health. One of the keys to keeping your bird healthy is regular cleaning of your bird’s cage, play stands, and accessories to prevent the growth of bacteria and spread of diseases. Monthly full scrub down and disinfection is also important. Drying the cage in the warm sun will help to kill bacteria and mites that may be living in the cage.

We offer in-home cage cleaning. To set up an appointment, please call for details.