Board Members

Maria Sullivan

Maria Sullivan, CEO

As CEO, Maria brings over 25 years of management, consulting, leadership, and IT experience with large fortune 100 to 500 companies across telecommunication, travel, retail and medical solutions industries. She works to move PRH forward with an innovative and strategic approach through collaboration, brainstorming, and tapping external resources for expertise.

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor, CFO

Claire grew up in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and attended Concordia University from 1979 -1981 where she completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology. Claire then moved to the United States in 1982 and lived in Florida until 2004. During her time in Florida, Claire returned to college while working full time and obtained a second Bachelor degree with a major in Accounting from Florida Southern College. In 1996, Claire became a Florida CPA and she continues to keep the Florida license active, completing 80 hours of continuing education every two years. Claire has worked in private industry during her entire career including a lumber company and a real estate appraisal firm and has been with BCD Travel, a corporate travel agency with US headquarters in Atlanta, for the last twenty seven years. Claire relocated to Atlanta in 2004 when BCD Travel consolidated the accounting function at its headquarters.

As a child, Claire’s family had pet budgies, but it was not until meeting a bird loving friend in Florida that Claire was reintroduced to the idea of having a pet bird. The first bird to join Claire’s family was a fun loving little love bird named Peaches. Soon after that, Chief the Umbrella Cockatoo joined the family. Chief is now a cuddly and loud 27 year old! He loves his Mom & Dad, but is not fond of strangers at all.

Kevin Hinaman

Kevin Hinaman, COO

Kevin joined PRH in mid-2015 with a keen appreciation and respect for the situation faced by unwanted companion animals but limited experience with parrots. Through observation and research he made fast relations with the avian and human flock of PRH, embracing the care of parrots and the rescue’s culture. His weekly volunteering included daily care, facility cleaning and maintenance, food prep, toy building, socialization, and surrender/donation pickups. He was asked to take charge of the special projects committee, which lead to him being voted in as Special Projects Chair on the Board of Directors in early 2016. Serving in this capacity, Kevin partnered the open mic he ran with some local rescues – including PRH – to increase awareness and donations, improved efficiency in some toy making practices, and joined PRH’s participation in the Georgia Companion Bird Club donating and running a speaker system for their presentations. After recognizing one of PRH’s long time adoptable Macaws was showing some uncharacteristic…grumpiness, Kevin spent time with this flock mate developing and speaking a made up language for a couple weeks, all the time it took to restore previous confidence happiness.

Before celebrating his one year anniversary, news broke of the Dekalb County parrot hoarding seizure. Kevin immediately joined the small PRH contingent sent to assist. Once PRH learned that the facility tested positive for a pathogen threat, a decision had to be made to protect PRH. As Kevin did not have birds and didn’t live at the rescue, the logical result was for Kevin to remain on the staff of volunteers supporting the 300+ seized birds but refrain from entering our rescue. During his detachment, he served as a liaison between the organizations onsite and PRH, forging many mutually beneficial relationships. Following the Georgia state veterinarian’s release of the remaining Dekalb flock and the facility shutting down, Kevin followed an additional 90 day quarantine from PRH. He returned only after personal environmental tests were conducted and came back negative. The extensive triage, quarantine, personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency handling, and medical care experience coupled with a passion for cage and enrichment building and repair (on a budget) would prove to be extremely valuable.

Within days of being voted in as our new COO, these hard won skills were needed. In January of 2018 PRH was notified they would be facilitating a mass surrender of parrots with no vetting histories. Kevin was immediately tasked with preparing the requirements for and overseeing the creation of a larger quarantine that would meet the demands of a care facility that prevented high risk cross contamination. Additionally, he was tasked with writing new protocols for safe extraction, daily care, and entering/leaving the negative pressure isolation room.

Now Kevin works to advance awareness of PRH and parrots through events throughout Atlanta, builds toys and repairs cages, does home visits for potential adopters, and oversees operations.


Chris Lohmeyer, CTO

Chris graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He comes to us with 13 years of IT experience and has managed teams of various sizes.
While growing up as a child his family owned budgies and a cockatiel. He and his wife have adopted two budgies and a pineapple green cheek conure.


Lori Lohmeyer

Board Secretary

Details coming soon!

Brianna Stoddard

Brianna Stoddard

Executive Director

Brianna came to Georgia at a young age and has been glad to call it home. She has 11 plus years working with parrots, along with 2+ plus years working as a veterinary technician. She is the proud mom of a rescue Mitred Conure, and a rescue Pit Bull. She is currently in school to become a veterinarian and will specialize in avian medicine. Brianna is the Executive Director and Head Veterinarian Technician. She runs the social media pages and keep them up to date. Papayago is most popular on Facebook but we also have active Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Youtube and Tumblr pages! The other part of her job includes being in charge of daily medical care of the birds. She oversee or administer any medication given and any special care given to the parrots like extra heating when sick. Brianna works closely with Megan, our Avian specialist/Daily care coordinator.

Megan Elliot

Megan Elliot

Avian Specialist/Daily Care Coordinator

Megan fell in love with animals at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, she learned compassion, patience and the importance of responsibility.

As she grew, Megan became responsible for care of the family dog. As a teenager she owned and cared for her own little band of misfits from goldfish to a rescued starling to her horse “Buddy”. Her love of animals lead her to seek employment with a local doggie daycare center in 2010.

In her time there, Megan has encountered a wide array of temperaments coming through the doors. She has expanded her knowledge of canine behavior and learned to manage unexpected behavior with calm authority.

In 2014 she was given the opportunity to work with Papayago Rescue House. She oversees the rehabilitation, training and and daily care of the birds.