Help build the "house" in Papayago Rescue House. They need your support.

Posted by Papayago Rescue House, Inc. on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hello, my name is Maria Sullivan, CEO to Papayago Rescue House, Inc.

It has been quite a trip developing our capabilities to run a rescue. We found we had areas to improve such as faster response times, follow up calls, and getting out into our community to educate bird parents or want-to-be bird parents. We are rolling out our solution to that problem by next week. We wanted our birds to remain in a home environment to ease the stress of transition, retraining, and re-homing. We have done that. So well in fact, that we have grown and have secured a standalone building in Acworth. We will still keep a home-like environment but PRH will continue to grow organically in another space created with our birds in mind.
Here is the space plan I want to share with you. We will need to demo the inside of the 2,000 sq ft building to meet the stringent requirements of having a parrot rescue. The interior will be reworked to include painted floors with a sealant, new drywall, and spray insulation with a vapor barrier with drywall making sure the birds never breathe in the VOCs. We need to install a kitchen and appliances for fresh food prep, cooking area and multiple bowls-a-day x numbers of residents cleaning. We will incorporate an area for guests to meet new birds, purchase bird food, freshly baked birdie bread, fresh chop, and provide special blends of herbs to holistically assist birds to live well through their long lives (30-80 years) reducing the health ailments they have in common with us. We will have a roll in cage shower and a climbing wall to help the birds who are visiting, surrendered, or boarding get exercise along with their nail and beak trims, weight checks, and socialization. PRH will be ADA compliant so we can have anyone in the community visit.
We need your help. We need a certified Georgia Contractor to oversee the build-out efforts. We need your donations for this “barn raising” effort to get us ready to be in our new space by June 1. Help us with your donations, expertise, and/or labor of love. Let us know how you can help by contacting me at 678.346.5217 or by sending an email to In addition, you can really help us get the message out by sharing this message on Facebook. I have known the kindness of strangers and I am hoping to know that now more than ever. Most sincerely, M